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JANE SCRIVNER: A devotee to skincare and skin therapy for over 30 years. Jane Scrivner is le creme de la creme in skincare. Jane's skincare takes care of your skin regime from begging to end.

Exfoliators, facial-oils, skin-hydration, cleansers, pastes, serums, masques and moistures. Inspiration sourced from around the world, Meet, Jane Scrivner.


Tell us what inspired you to start your brand?

Stefanie and I met whilst working in beauty PR – we hit it off instantly – and we decided to go out on our own to form a PR & Digital Marketing Agency, COMMS HOUSE working long hours and as brides to be - we turned to beauty and wellness supplements like collagen, probiotics and vitamins to support our busy lifestyles and beauty goals. It was during this time we were overwhelmed with choice and underwhelmed by ingredients, packaging and brand messaging.
We realised the industry could do better…

First thing you do when you wake up?

Liv: Fill a large BPA free bottle up with water and slowly sip on this whilst I do my skincare routine. Then it's either out the door for a walk, reformer pilates or some mornings – a quick coffee then straight to the office!

Stef: I’m pretty similar, I’ll check our calendar for the day, try and get in a workout, make some breakfast to go.

Time spent on beauty in the a.m.?

Liv: Around half an hour: 10 minutes on skincare, and 10 minutes on makeup and 10 minutes on hair.

Stef: Same. However, if i have done a really rigorous workout, I won’t do my makeup until I get to the office, so I can cool down!

Typical skincare regimen?

Liv: Mornings is a quick cleanse with micellar water and spray of rosewater before I go in with my actives: Vitamin c and hyaluronic acid. Once that sinks in
I follow up with moisturizer, SPF and a glowy primer. 

In the evenings I double cleanse and spritz with rosewater once out of the shower, followed by hylarounic acid, niacinamide, retinol and moisturizer.
Most evenings I'll seal this all in with a natural oil rich in botanicals – we’re working on a few of these for CILK – watch this space! 

Once a week I also try and do a deep exfoliation, mask and scalp scrub.

Stef: Every morning I double cleanse, use a serum rich in hylaronic acid, a really hydrating moisituriser and SPF under my makeup.
Every night I will double cleanse, tone my face with rosewater and then an overnight hydrating sleep mask. Twice a week I’ll exfoliate (at night) or glycolic acid peel. In ym opinion, without exfoliating, no other products or ingredients are going to absorb as best as they should into yout skin. Removing dead skin cells is key!

Secrets to keeping youthful?

Both: Fresh air, enough quality rest and sleep, an anti-inflammatory diet high in good fats, proteins and vitamins and minerals, and of course, CILK rosewater!
Its rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals that aid in cell regeneration and anti-ageing. 


Favourite beauty moments?

Liv: Natural, dewy skin, bronze eyeshadow, blush and a barely there pink lip.

Stef: Agreed – but I’d add a smudged wing eyeliner and a few lashes on the end for a cat eye look.

What makes you feel ready to face the world?

Stef: Sticking to my morning routine is key – a workout, my skincare routine and a good podcast on the commute to work. Also, my warpaint - mascara.
With mascara on, I can face anything thrown at me!

Liv: A morning swim in the ocean, an informative podcast and a strong coffee.

Favourite workout?

Liv: Walking, hiking, reformer pilates, a little boxing and weights. 

Stef: I like to mix it up -at the moment I’m loving at home HIIT workouts. Anything that makes me feel strong.


Go-to breakfast and a.m. beverage?

Liv: I usually fast 2-3 mornings per week, and on the other days I’ll have an overnight chia pudding, a smoothie with added superfoods or some eggs & greens. 

Stef: Frozen blueberries, 1 date, almond milk, 4-5 almonds and a collagen protein powder (stay tuned!) Blitz it all up and I’m always walking into work with blueberry lips.


How many beauty products do you travel with?

Liv: Too many!

Stef: Same - Way too many - skincare and beauty is my self care. So I love having all my favourites (at the time) on me.


Foolproof self-care move?

Liv: A hot bath with Epsom salts and essential oils.

Stef: A good bouncy blow dry!

Self-care approach?

Liv: Keeping wellness at the centre.

Stef: Agreed. And remembering to make time for yourself and those who are most important to you.

Signature scent?

Liv: I’m actually in between scents at the moment – trying to find one as a bride to be is proving difficult! I usually love anything by byredo.

Stef: For summer: Issey Miyake and for winter, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille.

Best career advice you've ever received?

Both: Don’t wait for things to come to you, you have to go for what you want and don’t stop until you get it.

An expensive-but-worth-it 
product or treatment?

Liv: Microbladed and laminated eyebrows – after your skincare you’re ready to go!

Stef: Natural looking eyelash extensions.

A cheap-but-chic product or treatment?

Liv: A bath with Epsom salts, coconut oil and essential oils.

Stef: Raw, organic argan oil when my skin is angry or super dry and my dermatitis breaks out. 

Bedside beauty essentials?

Both: CILK rosewater!

Last thing you do before bed?

Both: write a to do list and set our alarms.

Beauty icons?

Liv: My mum and grandma for their less is more, skin first approach. Natural beauties like Sophia Roe, Lara Worthington and Athena Calderone.
Emily Weiss: I love her natural approach to beauty, but also how she’s not afraid to play around with trends.

Stef: My mum for sure. I also love Monica Belluci’s look: Fluffy brows. Clear skin, mascara and some smudged eyeliner.


Best advice you’ve ever received?

Liv: Hmm, probably from my parents, who taught me that you can achieve anything you put your mind to with hard work. Beauty advice from my mum: less is more.

Stef: Life advice: Make your bed every morning! It sounds so simple, but it gives you a sense of ownership and structure every day. Beauty advice from my mum: Moisturise, moisturise, moisture and drink as much water as possible.


Scariest thing you've ever done?

Both: Start a business!


Best hidden talent?

We have been known to have a few rap battles in the office!

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