We're on a mission

To cultivate a community of conscious wellness and beauty addicts by breaking down barriers between consumers and creators.

We are your one-stop online destination for access to the most coveted and otherwise unattainable international and Australian beauty brands that live and breathe the same clean beauty ethos as you.

We strive to be the beauty website in Australia that inspires and makes a difference. We educate you on the latest breakthroughs in cosmetic health so that you feel empowered and enabled to make decisions to enrich your wellness inside and out.


To change the way every Australian woman perceives and nourishes her body by empowering her to make informed clean and non-toxic beauty and wellness choices.

We dream of a world where transparency is the norm and everyone is able to make honest, educated decisions about the health of their bodies free from misleading information. 

These changes start with us and are enriched by you, our cultivated community of clean, conscious beauty fans. 

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Our Story

Elena, The Founder and Chief Curator for The Cultivated started her journey towards self-improvement when she became discontent with the ailments of the modern world and strived for a more meaningful existence

This path of self love developed a passion for all practices within the natural health realm and inspired Elena to create nourishing and organic skincare products for her friends and family. From this journey - the popular 100% organic and vegan Meeka was born.

What began as a passion for nurturing herself and her family has become an obsession to change the way people self-indulge; to promote healthy and clean practices over detrimental and outdated methods.

Elena is constantly inspired by how other brands and creators are changing the clean beauty industry around the world, but with so many emerging brands, who was going to hold them accountable for their claims and protect consumers? From this concern, The Cultivated was born. 

Armed with a wealth of knowledge, personal experience, and passion for helping people reach their full potential, Elena knew Australians needed a clean beauty products website where they could shop non-toxic beauty items guilt-free and simultaneously educate themselves on exactly what they’re indulging in. 

Whether you’re just starting your conscious consumer journey or have been passionate about natural wellness for years, we hope The Cultivated becomes your home for all things beautifully indulgent, nourishing, informative and above all - clean. 

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